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Steak Journey by Myastoriya- R&D of product | Ideology for companies

Steak Journey by Myastoriya- R&D of product

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  • Friday November 1st, 2019

Have You ever been to Steak Journey? Now You can call Your friends, bring some wine, turn on the music and cook a perfect steak, having an imagination trip to France, USA, Italy or other countries. All You need for the steak You can find in one packaging.

Such customer journey has a big success and attract the new fans and partners of the project.


Strategy session

  • project philosophy
  • selection of products for the new line. defining the key characteristics and uniqueness of each product
  • defining a set of packaging
  • selection of partners and points of sales
  • strategic plan


  • correction of the main logo according to the new product line
  • packaging design and layout
  • creative communication for packaging
  • brand souvenirs and clothing




  • спосіб подачі продукції
  • викладка основного та супутніх товарів
  • дизайн холодильника


  • поточні зустрічі та корекція плану
  • інформаційна підтримка
  • супровід виводу на ринок нового товару
  • промоушн




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