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MYplay kids’ space

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The first MIKKI children’s store in a new format was opened in 2018. MY play is a place where everyone play their own game. Play-Grow-Win! Unlike competitors, the child became the main client. So the idea of creating a space for the disclosure of creativeness, logical and technical potential, a place where the future qualities of a child are forming, was born.


The main Features 

  • “Laser” Tunnel
  • Heroes from the future
  • Master classes
  • A table for free gift wrapping
  • Online order point
  • Coffee machine for clients


My Play is a bright representative of the retail of the future, which successfully competes with online stores due to the thoughtful customer journey, which leaves a space for the imagination and development of a child.





Suziria company brand concept

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Tis wonderful team has been giving they knowledges, warmth and love to care of our pets since 1993. Distribution, sale of products for animals, fish and birds, production of feeds, accessories, veterinary products – all this was united by a single companys philosophy.

  • Philosophy, brand structure
  • Brand restyling – now it is laconic, stylish and modern
  • Corporate elements design
  • Office Design and Navigation Concept
  • Creating the unique artistic image of the Company Tree









Steak Journey by Myastoriya- R&D of product

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Have You ever been to Steak Journey? Now You can call Your friends, bring some wine, turn on the music and cook a perfect steak, having an imagination trip to France, USA, Italy or other countries. All You need for the steak You can find in one packaging.

Such customer journey has a big success and attract the new fans and partners of the project.


Strategy session

  • project philosophy
  • selection of products for the new line. defining the key characteristics and uniqueness of each product
  • defining a set of packaging
  • selection of partners and points of sales
  • strategic plan


  • correction of the main logo according to the new product line
  • packaging design and layout
  • creative communication for packaging
  • brand souvenirs and clothing




  • спосіб подачі продукції
  • викладка основного та супутніх товарів
  • дизайн холодильника


  • поточні зустрічі та корекція плану
  • інформаційна підтримка
  • супровід виводу на ринок нового товару
  • промоушн